Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an account to access the MMOPA Safety & Education Foundation content?

Yes! You must be an MMOPA member. Become a member today!

I am already an MMOPA member and I already have an account. How do I log in?

It’s easy! Simply login with your same MMOPA login information! One account allows you to access MMOPA and MMOPA Safety & Education Foundation!

I don’t see the topic of learning that I am looking for. How many episodes/videos will the MMOPA Safety & Education Foundation create?

We plan to have a library of 20 videos by Spring of 2022. After that, we will continue to produce content with your continued donations and support.

Can I have permission to use these videos outside of individual member use?

Please content Dianne White (Executive Director of MMOPA) at [email protected] to discuss your specific need.

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